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You're curious, aren't you?

We have entered the final phase of the largest small pond survey in the country.

Citizen science, what is it exactly?

Citizen science is a movement that has spread like wildfire within the scientific community. Its aim is usually to find answers to research-related problems or questions, in which the scientists also involve members of the public. With the help of “volunteer scientists”, a large amount of valuable information can be gathered, and it also offers opportunity to educate the participants in practical and environmental topics.Read more...

Do you have a garden pond but missed the sampling?
The sampling has already ended this year, but you can still provide useful information for our project. If you would like to help us or be informed of a similar opportunity in the future, please fill in our questionnaire!


Ponds make up 30-50% of the world’s standing waters.


They are extremely important habitats for both aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna.

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They play a large role in mitigating and adapting to climate change.


They are excellent recreational sites.


In some regions of Europe, 50-90% of ponds have already disappeared during the 20th century.


They are easy to create and, with a little effort, can become near-natural habitats.

Small ponds - large impact

Ponds are freshwater (sometimes saline) water bodies with a size generally smaller than 10 hectares. They can occur in gardens, cities, villages, farmlands, floodplains, steppes, woods, grasslands, and bogs. They host abundant and diverse biota.

Are you interested in the world of ponds? Watch our video!


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