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Creating a database to assess the biodiversity of urban ponds

We are listing all urban ponds in Hungary with an emphasis on the capital city, examining the water quality and biodiversity. The latter is calculated by a combination of environmental DNA-based methods and a citizen science approach built on easily recognizable protected species such as amphibians and dragonflies.


Education and environmental awareness

One of our goals is to raise awareness on the importance of urban ponds, focusing on their role in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services. In addition we provide useful tips and practical advice to current and future pond owners. Not only will we spread information within the community, but we will be closely working with municipalities and non-profit organisations.
The ''Pond Manifesto'' published by the European Pond Conservation Network (EPCN) will soon be available in Hungarian.


Scientific publications and higher education

We will publish our results in basic and applied scientific journals. All data will be utilized in our university courses. The completed database and our research results can serve as a basis for the development of urban blue-green infrastructures in the future, in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030.